A Bunch of Podfic

I have been voraciously consuming the creative output of everyone else for well over a year now and I thought it was about time I found a way to make a contribution of my own. I'm not much of a writer, and I really can't draw, so I come bearing podfic. I'll keep updating this entry as I add more to the collection.

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So I guess I'm going to do this

In case anybody is following, I got accepted to film school. I actually heard a couple of weeks ago, which was earlier than I was expecting so it took me by surprise. Since then my mind has been buzzing off its tracks with all the things to get done between now and then, on top of all the regular life I have going on already. I am excited and happy and kind of overwhelmed, but mostly excited and happy. It'll be fun. (And you can remind me that I said that next December when I've hit finals and am not having any fun at all.)

Happy Holidays

I'm about to enter the land of family, children, food, and chaos, so I think realistically this is the last one I'll manage.

Santa Gets Around was sung by Emily when she was 6. I'm fairly certain there's spots in there where she wasn't sure what she was talking about and just sang it phonetically. (What 6 year old needs to know about cholesterol?)

The first Christmas song Jim wrote was Santa Be Good. Mike sang it when he was 10 years old. And then 4 years later Dan sang it when he was 13. I find it interesting what a difference 3 years of age can bring. Mike's is very much a little boy song, while Dan has a bit of an Elvis thing going.

Mike: http://home.comcast.net/~kholodak/Christmas/07%20Santa%20Be%20Good.mp3

Dan: http://home.comcast.net/~kholodak/Christmas/05%20Santa%20Be%20Good.mp3

Here, have a few more

These are in honor of the record breaking warmth we're having today.

Christmas Snow. Dan from the 2003 album. Actually these are all from that album. I like them all, but this might be my favorite album over all.

Cold Cold Christmas. Dan again, age 10. Someone else liked to a sad and lonely Christmas song today. Something about the season, there's no in between. Everyone is either joyful or depressed.

Cowboy Christmas. Mike age 11. I'm not really familiar with cowboy music myself, but I played it for a friend once who rattled off some artist that she thought it sounded like. Hopefully that makes it "traditional" rather than stolen. We'll say inspired by anyway.

Better late than never. It's still tuesday in my time zone

I'm going to run out of days before I run out of songs so I'll give you two this time.

Been Gone So Long is a duet with Jim and Dan. I guess we're all storytellers in our family. But I will say I don't know quite where the inspiration for this one came from. I think Dan was 13 here. It was the last year he sang. We lost him after his voice changed.

It's a Glorious Day is for the more religiously inclined. It features Emily with a bit of Grace attempting the backing. They would have been 10 and 4. Actually, it sounds like Emily's friend Kendal might be in there too rather than Emily harmonizing with herself. Much more up beat anyway.

Two for the price of one

I missed yesterday so I'll give you two today.

Little Rasta Boy Jim didn't exactly write. More like arranged I guess. Mike, who's singing, was going through a reggae phase. Or maybe it wasn't a phase, maybe he's still into it. I'm not sure as he's in college now so I don't see him often. This was from 2003 so Mike would have been 11 here.

Santa Clothes is from 2005 which would make Dan 12 when he was singing this. He was getting old enough to have a bit of style and not just sing the notes. (Yes there's a typo in the file name, we're not a family of good spellers.)